I am very grateful that social media has given me the ability to reach millions of people around the world every day and invite them into my online trattoria to teach them some of my favorite pasta recipes. On the other hand, sometimes social media can be cruel.  For example, these viral “pasta” recipes.  See how I react to what’s trending below:

If your pasta recipe calls for a waffle iron, throw it away and say to yourself “Waffle Irons are for Waffles”


If the serving suggestion mentions on top of a counter or table, please say two Hail Marys for reading such blasphemy, and then go find yourself a lovely pasta bowl.

I love a good burger, but as my kids say, this isn’t it. Also, minus ten points for jarred garlic and for giving sea creature vibes.

It’s like the feta pasta trend came back to haunt me with this brie and grape rendition. Here is your friendly reminder that most pasta recipes are done in less than 20 minutes, you don’t need to “simplify” by roasting everything in the oven.  The magic happens on the stove!

If the recipe calls for cream cheese, save your pasta for carbonara and pick up bagels instead, but don’t be afraid to dance to the beat while doing so.

Italians just say no to string cheese and Prego

Can you repeat the question? Do people actually use garlic powder in meatballs? For Nonna’s sake, please use fresh!

May the Pasta Gods forgive their sins



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