See the look on my face? That is the face of a woman who is about to make an amazing batch of homemade pasta with nothing more than flour, eggs, some patience, and my own two hands. And guess what, you can do that too! A fierce red lip is optional but highly recommended. There is nothing more rewarding than creating pasta by hand. I know it can seem intimidating, but I’ve been making pasta this way since I was a toddler, and it really is much easier than it seems!  Here are a few of my favorite ways to make homemade pasta without the need for any special equipment.

Semolina Pasta Dough

This is the OG of homemade pasta; the dough is simply semolina flour, water, and a pinch of salt. This mixture is kneaded by hand until smooth and supple (just like you are) then rests for 20-30 minutes to allow the gluten to relax. To shape, simply roll into ropes, then cut into tiny pieces and shape by hand with your thumb, or use the back of a fork or cheese grater to add a bit of texture.

The Sage’s Whisper

These fluffy little clouds of potato-based pasta are sent straight from the heavens. Once cooked they are tossed in sage-infused butter and finished with freshly grated cheese and toasted almonds to make this dish *just gorgeous*. Remember, when making gnocchi, less is more when it comes to the flour, but more is more when it comes to the butter sauce! Too much flour can make for heavy, doughy gnocchi which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. A potato ricer is not essential to the success of this dish, but it will ensure your potatoes are nice a fluffy which will make the dough easier to blend.

Homemade Egg Pasta 

The biggest mistake people make when attempting to make egg pasta at home is not kneading the dough for long enough.  You want the dough to be smooth and elastic so it’s easy to roll out, which can take about 10-15 minutes by hand.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and consider this your arm working for the day; I promise the end will result will be worth it!  To roll this pasta out, all you need is a lightly floured wooden board and a rolling pin!


A Just Gorgeous Cookbook: 100+ Recipes and Stories

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