I love the tradition of the Lenten season in Italy; my Nonna Caterina would always make Pastiera di Tagliolini, a sweet pasta dish studded with cinnamon and fresh citrus zest, and I can still remember the beautiful aroma wafting from the kitchen as she baked it each Easter season. This time of year is always exciting for me because it symbolizes the start of spring which is one of my favorite seasons for fresh produce.  Gorgeous globe artichokes, tender asparagus and bright and vibrant peas serve as a spring awakening in my kitchen, breathing new life into my recipes after the comfort food heavy winter season. Lent is also a time to incorporate more fresh fish into the dinner rotation which is why I’ve pulled together three of my favorite seafood pasta dishes that are super easy to make.

The Rise of Venus!

There is something about the combination of rich olive oil, briny mussels and clams, garlic and white wine that is simply irresistible, just like you are.  You can make this recipe with whatever fresh shellfish is available to you.

The Drunken Salmon

This decadent and creamy pasta has two very unexpected ingredients in it; smoked salmon and whiskey.  The salmon is awakened in butter then smoked in whiskey before it’s tossed with lemon, al dente pasta, heavy cream and the tears of the pasta gods resulting in a dish that will make you feel drunk in love.

The Lady In Pink

There is some sort of magic that occurs in the pan when shallots are combined with rich tomato paste and a splash of vodka. Once the alcohol cooks off and cream is added, the resulting pink sauce is incredibly thick and luscious and clings to the tender shrimp and al dente pasta like the perfect little black dress.


A Just Gorgeous Cookbook: 100+ Recipes and Stories

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